Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovell's functional yet beautiful storage solutions

We've finally received the fall line from Lovell Designs, and it was worth the wait! These beautifully screen-printed pieces are so amazingly multifunctional, they made us wonder why we hadn't been using them all along!

Laundry hampers big and small, owner Alison swears by them as the perfect catch all for traveling with her kids - they can pack in their toys, shoes, sweaters and books, and she can just scoop them up and be out the door!

We also received her vine printed pouches, considered the ideal diaper bag in disguise. So many great pieces, stop by La Merceria to get a better look!

Large Hamper (pictured), $85, Pouch/Diaper bag $18-32.

foldable cube storage bins in 

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