Monday, September 23, 2013

Cooking with our Chimichurri!

With the beginning of the Fall season we start to plan for all the upcoming holiday festivities!  and in that spirit we will be posting more often on food ideas inspired by our products and our favorite decorating ideas with products from the shop.
Today we wanted to share I recipe that our  dear friend Patricia Goldman shared with us using our Chimichurri, it looks so delicious we can't wait to try it at home! 

-Organic chicken
-Sea salt 
-Black pepper
-1/2 Lemon
-1 head of garlic 
-La Merceria Chimichuri sauce (1 jar)

-Wash chicken in cold water and pad dry 
-Rub chicken with sea salt and pepper 
-Add salt inside cavity 
-Lift skin on breast and put chimichuri sauce inside 
-Rub chimichuri sauce all over chicken and add some inside cavity as well 
-Cut top of garlic bulb and put it inside chicken cavity
-Squeeze half lemon juice over chicken 
-Preheat oven on roast at 350 
-Cook chicken for 45 to 1 hour depending on size of bird
-Baste chicken with sauce oil on pan 
-Broil until skin is brown to your taste 
-Put it back on bake on high 450 for another 10 minutes 
-Remove from oven let it rest  
-Add more chimichuri sauce on top before carving 

Patricia choose to cook chicken in cast iron it can be done in a roast pan as well, enjoy!