Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cote Bastide, exlusive to La Merceria

New in store from the south of France, Cote Bastide designs the most serene, beautiful and luxurious products. Embracing a refreshingly simple ethos, Cote Bastide strives to revive the old-fashioned, simple comforts of home that were once part of everyday life, a huge inspiration of ours!
We've brought their rich Ambre collection to enjoy at La Merceria, an exquisite, rich scent in bubble bath, the stunning crystallized potpourri, and a sumptuous paraffin candle.

Clean and simple, Cote Bastide's style and scents inspire a sense of calm and well-being, and make a thoughtful gift too!

 Bubble Bath $69, Crystal Potpourri $85, Candle $65

This cookie recipe is not one to wipe your hands of!

The sweetest set of napkins to don our shelves, Toronto design company Pi'lo has silk-screened a delicious cookie recipe on to a beautiful set of organic cotton napkins. We just got them in store are La Merceria, and they may be the ideal gift idea this holiday season!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovell's functional yet beautiful storage solutions

We've finally received the fall line from Lovell Designs, and it was worth the wait! These beautifully screen-printed pieces are so amazingly multifunctional, they made us wonder why we hadn't been using them all along!

Laundry hampers big and small, owner Alison swears by them as the perfect catch all for traveling with her kids - they can pack in their toys, shoes, sweaters and books, and she can just scoop them up and be out the door!

We also received her vine printed pouches, considered the ideal diaper bag in disguise. So many great pieces, stop by La Merceria to get a better look!

Large Hamper (pictured), $85, Pouch/Diaper bag $18-32.

foldable cube storage bins in 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cavallini Vintage Maps & Agendas

Vintage maps of countries and worlds, printed in Italy on ivory laid paper. Perfect for framing as poster art, for gift wrap, book arts and collage
Charming vintage images decorate both front and back covers of this hardbound day planner from Cavallini. A slim-sized 4″ × 6″ elastic-banded weekly planner, it   includes maps of major metropolitan cities, including New York, Paris and London. There is ample space for personal notes, an address book and personal data.

Decorative wrap $6, Weekly Planner $19, available at La Merceria

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanksgiving dessert with Dulce de Leche

This weekend is ok to indulge a little and what better way than with a little dulce de leche, which we love to spread on toast, cookies or even better on brownies yum! is also great to dip strawberries if you want a lighter treat. I found a great homemade recipe here and if you are pressed for time, we have got you covered with our delicious VACALIN dulce de leche, imported from Argentina
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

VACALIN Dulce de Leche $8 available at La Merceria

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A few of our favourite autumn home decor inspirations..

How quickly the autumn is upon us! The leaves are turning vibrant shades of reds and yellows, the air is cool and breezy, and our scarves are coming out of the closet once again.

This weekend, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, and we look forward to enjoying the moments we are able to spend with family and friends. As we look to bring warmth into our homes and gatherings, La Merceria is inspired by rustic wood pieces and soft autumnal ochres and rust tones. These beautiful colours and textures bring comfort and pleasure to any daily, or Thanksgiving, ritual! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

tulip and i is back with a great new limited collection!

La Merceria has always been a fan of local label tulip + i, and the most recent collection of baby blankets, pillows and bibs are as sweet as sugar.

Designed with an ethos of simplicity, slow craftmanship, and beautifully natural, tactile fabrics, tulip + i has brought their limited collection to La Merceria. 

As we move into the cool of autumn, these beautiful pieces remind us of a child's laughter, running free in the sunny breeze on a lazy afternoon.. the soft, cool colours are ideal for snuggling up inside too!