Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cavallini Vintage Maps & Agendas

Vintage maps of countries and worlds, printed in Italy on ivory laid paper. Perfect for framing as poster art, for gift wrap, book arts and collage
Charming vintage images decorate both front and back covers of this hardbound day planner from Cavallini. A slim-sized 4″ × 6″ elastic-banded weekly planner, it   includes maps of major metropolitan cities, including New York, Paris and London. There is ample space for personal notes, an address book and personal data.

Decorative wrap $6, Weekly Planner $19, available at La Merceria


Anonymous said...

Most of the people that work in this place with an exception of a couple need to be a bit more friendly and courteous towards their patrons. This is a very nice and cozy place but at the end of the day customer service is everything and I doubt this concept is well understood here.
- E. Dash

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm utterly shocked by the above comment.
If anything, the staff at La Mercercia excel in their customer service!
Each time I go there, I get nothing but excellent customer good that they know what I'll have, they ask how I'm doing, how my day is going, etc....
It is unfortunate you had a negative experience, but on my behalf, I'll say I love their service and attention to muhc that I consider them my friends!
I'll be there soon!