Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Giulietta

TOCCA Beauty’s latest fine fragrance launch was inspired by the love story of Italian director Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina. The famed movie-maker’s romance with his actress wife was one for the ages.

Also known as Federico’s “Lo Spippolo”, meaning the small things

that inspire tenderness, Giulietta was the heart and soul of Fellini’s masterpieces. This new Eau de Parfum scent carries her namesake and draws from the ethereal scents reminiscent of the couple’s trips to the island of Corsica where the two dreamt up the director’s visionary tales.

Top notes: Bulgarian Rose, Ylang Ylang, Green Apple, Pink Tulips

Middle notes: Lily of the Valley, Iris Pallida, Vanilla Orchid, Lilac, Heliotrope

Bottom notes: Cedar wood, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

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