Thursday, August 30, 2012


It has been a world wind summer around the shop and lots of travel and going ons, therefore the lack of postings! so as we settle into the new season I'm looking forward to sharing our happenings more often.

One of the great things that happened this Spring was an invitation from my friend Ying Chu who is the Beauty Director at Marie-Claire in NY, to be part of the marketing campaign for the launch of the new Donna Karan WOMAN fragrance.
I flew down to NY and was treated to a day of glamour and pampering  in preparation for our portraits to be taken by famous photographer  Brigitte Lacombe (Dream!)

After becoming a mom I had forgotten what a day to myself (in New York!) was like. Hanging out with one of my favorite girls (Ying!) was such a treat. Having been part of the campaign WOMEN WHO ISNPIRE made me really take a look about the amazing women I'm surrounded by and to feel really empowered to make a difference as a mom and entrepreneur!

See more of the campaign on the Donna Karan fragrance facebook page

getting ready for hair & make-up


Monica of said...

Congratulations!! Sounds like it was a great & well deserved day:)

michèle guevara said...

Wow! Wonderful to be recognized... and pampered of course!
Éxitos siempre!