Saturday, July 16, 2011

Buenos Aires in the rain!

We are having the best summer in Toronto, and I certainly love the heat,  but after I saw this pictures of a rainy day in Buenos Aires taken by Diego Rojas (my brother), I felt that I could easily be transported to a cool afternoon in B.A. I love the nostalgic mood they project, I can't wait to visit again! SR


Anonymous said...

reminds me of Paris! lovely!

Lindsay said...

I can´t help it. The city seems romantic to me any time I look at it. There is something on the streets, the sqares and their old trees, the leaves in the Autumn, the old-fashioned houses from the 1920´ and the white monuments that take me to another age. When I was there, I used to leave my apartment in buenos aires every afternoon to go walk around Barrancas de Belgrano square. Its silence made me feel peaceful!