Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Pleasures: One of & Kind Show + Carrot Cake!

When you are a shop owner sometimes the line between work & play gets blurry, but yesterday was truly a fun family day sourcing new products for the store, we ventured to the One of a Kind Show and it was such a delight how baby friendly it was, there was lots of aisle space for the stroller and even gourmet mashed potatoes for Joaquin!
We met ceramist Hugo Didier from "Not made in China" and he is going to develop a special line for us, I can't wait to show you :)
We will also be carrying  the line of accessories by Jenna Rose, we think it will be a match made in Merceria heaven! 
And to reward ourselves for our hard work at the show we finished the day La Merceria with Juan's famous carrot cake, yum! if you haven't tried it yet please  do, it will change your life :)
Ceramic Cups by Hugo Didier

Teatowels by Jenna Rose

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Anonymous said...

That carrot cake looks amazing!