Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We're loving the new year's ringing in of change, the desire to focus on our goals, and this energy  naturally brings the motivation to reprioritize, get things done, make lists. We have a great set of organizational mini binders and page inserts that are such an important element in getting us organized at La Merceria this year!
Russell & Hazel binders in charcoal, gold, and blue linen have the option of choosing the right sort of filler for your needs - from alphabet tabs, graph paper, pouches for loose paper, and stick on mini pockets to place wherever. We love this versatility in a line of beautiful paper supplies! They make a large size too if your work is full scale!
And for some of us, its a simple matter of having something beautiful to write with and on. A great notebook and beautiful pen or pencil can inspire the greatest of work! 
Russell & Hazel Binders, $19. Inserts, $12-15. Roost Pencil Crayon Set, $16. Roost Push Pins, $12. Snow & Graham Notepad, $12.

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