Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspiration for 10 Morrison

I try to take time on fridays for some creative fun, as many of you know we moved into our new loft last October and although many of you have told me that you imagine how perfectly decorated it is, well is not (yet), because we spend so much time at the store we haven't had time to focus on our home, but we are determined to throw some great parties this upcoming holiday season so I'm on a mission to work some Merceria magic in our home , I've started the binders, (love!) I'm gathering the tears, making wish lists, gathering books & catalogs, I will continue to share my ideas room by room as we get through it, and maybe you can help me make some decisions long the way, In the meantime some inspiration that I found from photographer mari eriksson through style files. have a wonderful weekend!

10 Morrison (our loft)

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