Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Destination: Miami

wallpaper guide $12 available at La Merceria

Since we've been talking about inspiration and following your dreams, I was remembering the many moments when  Marcelo &  I got inspired to open La Merceria. It all started with a trip to Miami about 5 years ago, when we visited casa tua for the first time and it became our favorite restaurant ever. We try to go to Miami once a year usually in June so I'm really craving it right now! aside from being a restaurant casa tua is a true lifestyle place, is a restaurant, a hotel, but you can also buy linens, apothecary and gourmet items and other treats for the home,  so this was the first time I saw the combination of food & merchandise done so effortlessly chic, since that moment we didn't stop thinking of how we could create our own lifestyle concept, so next time you are in Miami make sure you treat yourself to the wonderful casa tua experience in the meantime I hope you enjoy the inspiration

I also wanted to recommend the Tomas Maier store (heaven!!) the merchandising is impeccable in true perfect Bottega style, and I can only indulge on the above because we stay at the cheap & cheerful Hotel Aqua

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